Which cast member would be best in a crisis situation? (x)
Gwendoline: Natalie Dormer would take me through the crisis. She’s a rock.
Sophie: Yeah, Natalie’s like a mentor. She’s mama bear.

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1x02 || 1x08 

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outlander + cinematographygasm

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And suddenly, there it was… Craig Na Dun. My mind had been so clouded and confused, I didn’t recognise the road when we rode in. There was no mistaking it. I was back to the place where it had all begun. So much had happened. So much had changed. Last I was here, I was Claire Randall, then Claire Beauchamp, then Claire Fraser.

The question was… who did I want to be?

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Mara Lane and Jonathan Rhys Meyers attend the Barretstown 20th Anniversary Gala Ball at Convention Centre on September 27, 2014 in Dublin, Ireland.

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Promises are easy.


Favorite Claire Beauchamp's 18th century outfits in Outlander

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I’m sorry, mo gràdh. I’m so sorry.

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"Every man and woman in the world has to know how to defend themselves, sassenach. Specially those married to a Fraser." - 1x08.

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The question was: who did I want to be?

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A P R I L  4

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