Jamie and Claire laughing on their wedding night

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→ ” Queen Catherine, in imitation of her mother Isabel and imbued by the spirit of her father… made a splendid oration to the English captains, told them to be ready to defend their territory, that the Lord smiled upon those who stood in defence of their own, and they should remember that English courage excelled that of all nations. “

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asoiaf au: queen rhaella survives daenerys’ birth and raises her children in the east.

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I promise. I won’t laugh.

Crazy eyes Jamie chanting silently: “Come on, come off!…ahhh dinnae fasch yerself, keep yer heid!”

mo nighean donn

'til our Life shall be Done.

Sam and Cait behind the scenes of 1x07

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Claire Beauchamp Fraser’s wedding dress appreciation post

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Is it usual what it is between us when I  t o u c h  y o u ?

                                                                      No, this isn’t usual.

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